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Here are a few of the books I've had the privilege to work on: 

Tara Solomon, thank you for all the copyedits, proofreading, and suggestions that improved this book. - Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva


Awesome work! Tara was punctual, professional, and very thorough when proofreading the print-ready files to make sure they matched the proofread Word document and were ready for publishing. I highly recommend her proofreading service. - Shamirrah Hill

I would like to acknowledge the fine work done by the editor of this book, Tara Solomon. She has been most helpful! She has made the book look very professionally done from first to last page, including the book cover. Thank you, Tara, for guiding me on this exciting journey!! - Colin Eckstrand


I wish to thank Tara Solomon, my editor for her invaluable help in fleshing out my characters and for pointing out areas that needed work. Tara is a fantastic developmental editor and proofreader. She is thorough, patient and insightful; a pleasure to work with. Her expertise and encouragement throughout this whole process has done wonders for me. - G. Anthony Birkenhead

Tara's edits and suggestions made my book so much better! I especially appreciated the work being done on time. Thanks again, see you on the next book! - Carol Edwards

I knew my book was full of spelling mistakes when I sent it to Tara, but wow! she caught every other mistake I didn’t know I made. I’m so glad she worked on my book! - Laura Henning

I gave my memoir manuscript to Tara after a friend had some work edited by her. He spoke so highly of her kindness in guiding him along, that I thought she could do the same for me. Not a minute have I regretted that decision. She makes it so simple and comfortable and it felt wonderful to read my book. My friends and family love the stories of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Tara’s help during this process. - Ellen

She definitely knows how to spot the errors! My business had some issues with a manual that had been translated badly and Tara corrected all of them so that the manuals are now actually useful. - Amrik M.


On Your Terms: Gender Transition Redefined for Adults by Dr. Natalia Zhikhareva, known as Dr. Z 


Iain of New Scotland by Margaret MacKay with a foreword by Diana Gabaldon 


Argyle's Bequest
by G. Anthony Birkenhead


Haywaas' Question.png

Haywaas' Question
What is Reconciliation?

by Gidan Jaad (Eagle Woman) Erica Reid & James Reid


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Colin ebook cover .jpg

Cleopatra: Queen of Exile by R. David Simpson

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