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Once your manuscript has been fully edited and is formatted for submission to a publisher or for self-publication, I will closely inspect it for any errors that may be remaining.


Some examples of the things I will be looking for and correcting are: spelling errors, typos, punctuation errors, spacing issues, incorrect captions and page numbers, table of contents errors, and errors in other elements such as tables and graphics.


This is the final check before printing and the last chance to correct any mistakes that may still be in your manuscript after revisions.


  • $0.01 – $0.015 (USD) or $0.013 – $0.019 (CAD) / word

  • Minimum charge of $60 (USD) or $75 (CAD)

Prices vary depending on your manuscript needs. Please get in touch for a quote for your manuscript.
I take pride in quality work at an affordable price. It is also my goal to make my editing services as accessible as possible, so payment plans that work within your budget are available upon request.

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