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If you do any type of writing in your business, you know that even the best writers will make mistakes. These mistakes can be costly. 

Errors in your work can damage your reputation as an individual or brand. With professional proofreading, your content will be accurate ‒ which enhances your revenue and is more likely to attract repeat customers.

Does your business have a website? How about in-house documents or magazines? Does your business create training manuals, operating procedures, or ebooks? 

There are lots of reasons why mistakes slip through in writing, but mistakes in your copy can make a client think you don't pay attention to details.

To preserve your professional image, it's important that your copy is free from errors.

Typos, formatting issues, grammatical problems, biased language, incorrect facts - these are just some of the errors that I, as a proofreader, will spot and correct


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  • websites

  • training materials

  • in-house magazines

  • catalogues

  • ebooks

  • menus

  • documents

  • advertisements/ad copy

  • brochures/flyers

  • newsletters

  • product packaging

  • reports

  • letters

  • manuals

  • ...and more!

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